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Meet Ricarlo!

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Ricarlo has joined the Contours KIDS Team as a Swimming Instructor as of 2022.

Ricarlo holds a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and previously worked with Swalings for 3 years.

He is excited to share the joys of swimming with those new to the sport and past time as well as those looking to brush up on their skills. 

Swimming Classes with Ricarlo will also become a requirement for teens and young adults who are unable to swim but wish to get started in our upcoming Sail training programmes with the West Indies Sail Heritage Foundation.

Group classes will be available on a weekly basis but private one-on-one sessions can also be arranged at your convenience. Starting from ages 4 and up, register your child or teen for Swimming classes with Ricarlo today!

When do Swimming
classes start?

Swimming Classes started Sunday 19th June 2022 and continue every Saturday & Sunday. 

How much do classes cost?

Please refer to our registration form for our available packages.

Payments are due every Friday before weekend classes. Available Payment Options are Cash, cheque, EFTs and member to member transfers (CFCCU).

What ages can join?

Group classes are available for ages 4 to 17. 

What do I need to bring?

Wear a comfortable swimsuit, and bring along sunscreen, water, and your goggles/cap (optional). Hair should be neatly secured otherwise. 

Goggles and caps are available for sale at $35 EC each.

How long are classes?

All classes are a minimum of 1 hour.

Where will we be swimming?

In an effort to keep the cost of our classes low, our swimming classes will all take place at the beach. Our first location will be Hawksbill Beach however is subject to change.

Are classes available
for adults?

Group Adult classes are coming soon!  Private Adult Classes can be arranged by giving us a call at (268) 771-1641.

Register for Swimming Classes with Ricarlo!

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